The Drifters

  • SID

    Likened to a human psychopath, Sid takes glee in causing pain, both physical and mental. If he possesses a host, he will walk the human in front of a moving bus to experience the last moments. If his host is caught for murder and put on death row, he would jump out of the body and into the executioner just before the walk on the last mile to witness the anguish. If he arranged a suicide pact, he would jump into each and every individual to make sure they had their share of the Kool-Aid. Sid is as close to the definition of evil as can be conceived by man.


    The wiseman. Luther's existence is driven by the pursuit and preservation of knowledge. He is likened to a renaissance man, exploring all scientific and artistic fields. To that end, he is drawn to the museum for the opportunity to meet with the Sovereign and learn the secrets of the Drifter realm.


    The Judge. For Gideon the 'Drifter Code' is life and law. His unique interpretation of it has condemned his fellow Drifters to his judgment. This makes Gideon one of the few Drifters without ties to the others, his name is one whispered and feared; his visage means death to those that see it. Ironically, it is this lack of contact with his fellow Drifter that has led him to devote his life to the Sovereign, and his belief that all who do not do the same are guilty. Gideon is likened to a puritan judge; all crimes against his beliefs, from stealing a loaf of bread to murder lead to the same result, the noose.


    The puppet master. "Behind every great man is a great woman". In many instances Lenore has been that woman. Lenore is one of the few Drifters who has not succumbed to the vices of the mortal realm, and in fact uses them to her advantage. Taking the role of advisers, wives, and consorts, Lenore cultivates and reaps many of the benefits of power while not suffering the consequences. Lenore's cloak and dagger tactics, while making her one of the most long-lived of her kind, also make her ill suited to a head on confrontation.