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It's Beta Time!

This week marks the end of production as we push on to alpha/beta stage. Only minor assets are being loaded in when needed to fix bugs, and the majority of the work for the rest of this month is testing, testing and testing. The only new things being developed now are the game manuals and box art, as well as finishing touches on the websites. Read more

2 Week Countdown!

The results of the focus group testing are being analyzed, causing the team to shift their plan of attack to look at some of the nuances of game play.  More polish time is being spent on environment assets, huge improvements to NPC variety added, and of course, the fourth Drifter!  The team is picking up great speed and looks to be on target for their goal of July 6th... Read more

3 Week Countdown!

Play testing is now a daily event in the Drifters half of the cohort space. Crowds can be seen gathered in whichever hex is hosting a game at the time and cheers of victory and defeat can be heard throughout the halls. However, the team knows that testing your own game is easy, so they've brought in some fresh testers, unrelated to FIEA and unfamilliar with the game. This way they can get an unbiased look at the gameplay and have a fresh set of eyes look things over. Read more

4 Week Countdown!

The museum environment is looking more and more realistic by the week, with nearly all the exhibits and aesthetic pieces making it into the current build.  Next week they plan on having all the placements finalized so full work on the final lighting and shadows can be completed.  Currently 8 new lights have been added to effect the characters: 1 directional light and 7 point lights to help with shadows. Read more

5 Week Countdown!

Nine down, five to go in the countdown to the end of production. Testing is gearing up, assets are being finalized, vocals are being cleaned up, and beards are growing as the teams ramp-up to industry speed. Read more

Production reports resume post-summer break!

The team enjoyed a partial break between summer classes during the week of April 27th up to May 18th. But just as the game development industry never rests, neither does the Drifters team, and those weeks were spent making major improvements, additions and changes to the games. This week marked the return of status reports and with that we begin our ongoing weekly overview of how the game development is progressing. The clock is ticking with only 5 weeks left before the game needs to be in a playable, near gold master state. Read more
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