Basic Information

Genre: Third-person Multiplayer Hunt Game
Number of Players: 2-4
Release Date: July 30th, 2009
System Requirements: See Download page


What if I were to tell you that everything you know is wrong?
What if I were to tell you that man is not the dominant species on the planet? Or the most highly evolved? That we are not masters of our own destiny?
For thousands of years, creatures have lived among us; wolves in sheep's clothing. They have jumped from host to human host, leaving their mark. Creators and killers, law makers and breakers, they are called Drifters, and they are the true shapers of human history.
And their time is nearing an end.
With the reappearance of their Sovereign, the mysterious being who gave them life, these ethereal beings are now compelled to revisit her throne. Housed now in a newly opened Natural History Museum, they will encounter artifacts, touchstones from across their long lives, aptly categorized as 'devices of death'.
A battle is about to be waged, and the fate of their race hangs in the balance. Using all they've learned of man during their lives, each Drifter will blend in with the museum crowd, stalking the others until they can deliver the final blow.